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The word is out! A second place under the sun

Two years ago we bought a beautiful large property in our valley. This house is located in Murchas. From the Netherlands we had contact with architects and builders via Skype. Mark, a friend, took on the role of project manager. In the Netherlands we designed our dream house together with our good friends Rob and Ton. A house in a Moroccan atmosphere; a riad with an atrium and inside garden. With 500 m2 built, two large terraces with swimming pool and great views of the Sierra Nevada and the valley, large enough for all our plans.

In one of the first columns I wrote that managing such a large project from the Netherlands, even with an extremely capable project manager on site, is no easy task. We decided to suspend things and start not before we went to Spain at the end of 2019. We had contact with a skilled technical architect who speaks good English. In Spain we were advised by Martin, who has made his mark here in the valley with renovation, new construction and sale of properties. Martin has supervised renovations for large recreation parks in the Netherlands for years. Two days before Julian, our architect, would come for a final survey, a befriended real estate agent called. He said that he had just put up a beautiful house for sale. The house came from an inheritance of eight family members. They wanted to sell as soon as possible. The price was very attractive. According to him, "an offer we couldn't refuse."

We gave him a friendly smile and said we already owned a house. After all, he knew that. And what a house! We also told him that the architect would come and bring the contract on Friday. But he persisted and said, "go and see, I think it's for you." We dropped the call for what it was. The next day it still kept us busy; we drove to Restábal to see the house. Watching costs nothing in the end!

It was a nice house with a great view. But, then again, we already had a house with a view.

On Friday, Julian came with his wife for a survey. That night we both slept badly. Shouldn't we take a look inside? The offer was attractive: the asking price good, especially considering the piece of building land that was part of the sale in combination with the location. We met that morning and visited the house. The location is unique, on a hill with a 360 degree view of the oranges, lemons, pomegranates, almonds and olives. The villages of Lecrin right in front of us and behind them the beautiful snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Below the Beznar reservoir. It was obvious that the plot lacked maintenance. The garden and terraces were overgrown with weeds, the house was well maintained but not our taste. This paradise clearly needed attention and love, our attention and love! Cees was in straight away. I am very attached to our house in Murchas and to the possibilities, the enormous space and the location. After spending the weekend weighing and talking with friends and children, we decided to take another look on Monday. We looked at each other and now both felt a click with the building and the place.

Our logic told us not to do this, but our heart concluded otherwise. From the vision: follow your heart, because that's right, we made an offer that afternoon. A week and a half later, the purchase was a fact. Two days later we were called by another broker. He had heard that we had bought another house; whether the house in Murchas would be sold? He was interested in selling it because there was a great demand for large buildings; there are not many of them in the valley. We are considering making a hotel / B & B of the house in Murchas ourselves and have not yet made a final decision.

The official transfer of the house in Restábal would take place on Wednesday, March 18. On March 16, the official lockdown was declared by the Spanish government. At that time we were still confident that we could continue with our lives two weeks later, and that the house could also be transferred. Over time, we would make a decision about our home in Murchas. It is now April 24 and there is a formal lockdown until May 10. We wonder, of course, how this all will continue. But in a strange way we don't feel panic and we do trust. Later, after Corona, the valley will be a paradise to live in. More and more people are becoming aware that a life in the rat race, besides a full bank account and a lot of stress, does not really bring them anything. We speak to people who live in a city during the lockdown. The walls are closing in on them. An empty city is more frightening than an "empty nature". Nature is never empty. Every day we see many shades of green, hear birds and bees, see and smell the bloom of the orange trees and enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

The trend during the crisis is back to simple, space, sustainable, healthy, contact with each other, with the earth, with flora and fauna. That's exactly what we enjoy here. I would say come to the valley of happiness! And enjoy with us. There is perhaps a great house in Murchas for sale.

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