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As in many places in Spain, they also spray in our village. The men first came without a mask. Last week, face-covering masks were worn and the men were completely wrapped in plastic themselves. The science fiction film is increasingly becoming science faction. At first the streets were sprayed here and there, but now everything was offered to the magic liquid, no place was skipped. What is in their tank? I have no idea. I do notice that these actions and the lack of clarity about what is being sprayed have changed something in me. The strange relief "I suddenly don't need to do anything" from shortly after the lockdown changes into "I do feel restricted".

Due to the lockdown, we had no opportunity to speak to the local population to hear how they experience this. There seems to be sufficient acceptance (93% I read) at national level to support the strict measures. We suddenly notice that we are Dutch, committed to personal responsibility and reluctant if someone takes action on our behalf. We are sure that a hike in the mountains can not hurt in any way, but it is still forbidden. I recently spoke to an acquaintance from the village about a meter or two away and already knew that the guardia civil, who came driving into the distance, would say something about it, and indeed: “it is forbidden to speak to each other in the street.” “Get real,” a voice from within immediately sounds. But I also realize that in a country like Spain there is still a great deal of respect for authority and that the "authorities" have a tendency to emanate it.

When I then walked home, with the valley on the left, and the snowy mountains on the right, knowing that we are healthy and our family too, I felt the freedom within myself again. Panic is created, but it is a bad advisor. As long as we can still live our own freedom within the framework, we will continue to enjoy the beauty of the Spanish landscape. Tomorrow we'll see again.

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