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Hiking along the Lécrin Valley

You have walks and walks. One of them runs on neat roads, with signs with clear directions about the distance, and is useful if you have an hour left for a detour. These are easy to plan. The other ones do not adhere to this predictability at all and we notice that we prefer that, at least on Sundays, if we take the time for such a whimsical trip. We are not entirely left to our own devices, because we are guided by Stuart, who knows his way around the valley and far beyond. But he never tells us exactly how the route goes, so that we are back one Sunday after three and another time only after six. We walk from one surprise to the next, for example when we suddenly dive into a bush from a country road, only to discover that there, quite unexpectedly, a path runs steeply upwards. Some walkers have walked here before, but the trail is hard to follow. Suddenly we are standing in the middle of the flowering almond trees, near a large circle. It looks like a helicopter landing place, but Stuart knows that it used to be used as a harvest aid. In the valley we are blessed with a breeze, which usually lights up around two o'clock and provides a wonderful cooling during the summer. The same breeze was used to throw the harvest into the air in that circle and thus give the wind the opportunity to separate the 'wheat from the chaff'. A little later - after a much steeper path to the top, puff, puff - we stand at the foot of a row of impressive windmills on the ridge of a mountain. On the one hand we overlook our beautiful green valley, with here and there a finca, on the other hand the sun shines in the well-filled reservoir, around which the white villages of the Lécrin valley are situated among pink fields full of almond trees. Then down again - thankfully - to be surprised once again by a group of wild mountain goats, who are just as surprised to look back and then completely ignore us. Every Sunday we are surprised by a new panorama from the valley, and that is more than worth the effort of the hike.

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