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training the muscles of humanity

The mission is to propagate the ideas of the former Al-Andalus: the mutual cultural inspiration from Christianity, Judaism and Islam, which resulted in a flourishing society.

This revival took place in areas such as economy, society, philosophy, culture, architecture, medicine, literature, agriculture, food, science and water management.

With the motto "what was possible then, is possible now", the foundation translates this inspiration and prosperity to the present.

The AndadrLucia foundation is a non-profit, independent organisation, not tied to any political, philosophical or religious movement.

The goals of the foundation are realized in the project, that uses "beauty, knowledge and wisdom of the various cultures" as a connecting feature of the various activities.


The foundation AndarLucia is committed to bringing its mission to worldwide attention. In this way a contribution is made to the awareness that mutual cultural inspiration yields comprehension. In addition, the foundation focuses on environmental education and promoting world peace through mutual understanding and cooperation.

The increase of individualism, exclusion and terrorism, which unfortunately are still linked to certain religions, is becoming a major problem.


With the flowering period of Al-Andalus as an example, it becomes clear that this inspiration and mutual cooperation leads to a flourishing society. A growing realisation in this area slowly but surely shifts the focus from fear and exclusion to trust, cooperation and inspiration.

That is why it is important that the Al-Andalus heritage is kept alive. In all Andalusia museums can be found showing the historical collaboration: they present the wealth of research and historical evidence.

The project AndarLucia goes a step further: in addition to the transfer of this history (knowledge), the foundation lets the richness experience in a practical way in the 21st century. (see Project)


  • To propagate the ideas of the mutual cultural inspiration in the former Al-Andalus, which created a thriving society;

  • Translating this inspiration and prosperity to the present: inspiration and collaboration using the beauty of the different cultures as a vehicle, because beauty inspires and is universal;

  • The development of products in collaboration with local producers and professionals (through the Innovation Hub). That will revitalize the hidden treasures of Andalucia in culture and products (think of the old silk-industry);

  • Stimulating local initiatives and (inter)national education through the Charity Fund;

  • The foundation organizes meetings, lectures and workshops in the fields of art, culture, architecture, science, poetry, dance, music, literature, food, agriculture and water management;

  • To propagate the mission through knowledge transfer and experience.


The goals of the foundation will be realized in the form of a project. Each activity within the project will be characterized by bringing together the qualities of the three cultures. The activities have a varying nature, from gastronomy and education to cultural events, lectures, workshops, with the aim of experiencing the beauty, wisdom and knowledge of these cultures.



"Beauty is the splendor of the truth" - Plato

Latest News

Benefit concerts Gerard Alderliefste

21 Jan 2018

Gerard Alderliefste promises to give two concerts to promote the AndarLucia foundation. A concert in the Netherlands and a concert in Spain are being organized.

The recommendation committee is established

27 Dec 2017

The recommendation committee is established, because amongst others Prof. Dr. Herman H.F. Wijffels and Prof. Dr. Paul de Chauvigny de Blot SJ Lic. Ph. (honorary professor business spirituality Nyenrode business university) support the ideas of the AndarLucia foundation.

Vision document ready and start construction website

27 Dec 2017

Development of a multilingual website about the project.

Founding of AndarLucia Foundation

14 Dec 2017

The project is placed in a foundation: Foundation Andar Lucia


06 Dec 2017

The project kicks off: the first contacts are established and the network of participants is being expanded.

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